Thursday, July 29, 2010


What can Brown do for you?

Standing at the kitchen sink washing bottles (this could really be the beginning to any story, I spend half my waking hours in this activity), I saw Brown round the corner. I toweled off my hands and ran to the door to see what Brown was brining us! This was part out of excitement and part because Maddox and Cooper flip out when normal people come to the door... so they'll definitely be flipping out over a man dressed in brown and carrying a big (read: scary) box. Yaya sent us all a new book! For Bryan, a cooking magazine. For Amy, a yoga book. And for the littlest, the newest Hallmark recordable book, "All The Ways I Love You." Thanks, Yaya! Sophie loves a book that will read itself :) Grandmothers are here to love, to spoil, and to teach. Below are some of the fun things Yaya has done with her favorite grandbaby.

Another delivery I was super excited about this week was our first Absolute Organics. I was not disappointed! Y'all, seriously, sign up if you live in Charlotte. If you are going to buy from the farmer's market, you are better off with AO. This stuff is certified USDA organic, and 75% of what I got was local. The farmer's market here trucks their stuff in from all over creation and none of it is certified organic (you might as well be buying it from Harris Teeter complete with chemicals and all that stuff...).

Yaya teaching Sophie a very important lesson - how to take Daddy's
credit card and pay for dinner and drinks!

Yaya helping Sophie to experience her toes in the pool for the first time!

Yaya taking Sophie to church.

Yaya lets Sophie bounce on the kitchen counter!

Yaya giving Sophie her first sweet taste of Dunkin' Donuts (her Daddy's fave)!