Sunday, July 18, 2010

Back where I come from

We've just returned to the 'Lotte after a week in a little piece of paradise also known as my home town. It is a place that boasts the whitest beaches in the world, the original Florida coastal settlement, a bustling little downtown, excellent food and the home of the Blue Angels. We ate our way through the week (forget the whole losing weight thing I had going on): Bagelheads, Jerry's Cajun Cafe, Global Grill, Grand Marlin, Cactus Flower, Bonefish, the obligatory Whataburger (twice) and Mellow Mushroom. (This is sounding more like the Hungry Caterpillar: one slice of swiss cheese, one popsicle, one piece of cherry pie...) Bryan got to see his first Blue Angels air show at the Navy base and it was spectacular. I was seeing it again for the first time through his eyes. I was so proud to be a Pensacolian!

It is a town where there isn't much to complain about other than politics or the pesky new stop sign that changes one's work commute from 5 minutes to 5 minutes and 20 seconds; a town where life is pretty good. But I believe my beloved Pensacola, and the entire Gulf Coast, now has something to really get upset about. Tar balls and oil washing ashore almost daily... onto what was once the whitest beaches in the world... the beaches where we spent entire Saturdays as children, where we had parties and graduations as high schoolers, where we were married as adults, the same beaches we want to take our children to one day if we still can. My heart ached driving past billboards with an 800 number for reporting oiled wildlife, and after seeing the front page of the newspaper every single day detailing the previous days' progress on that dang busted oil well.

Sophie had a great time splishin' and a splashin' in her Yaya and Grandpa's pool, and visiting with some of her baby friends, Harper and Avery. I thought she might start crawling when we were in the sunshine state, but she is still waiting for just the right moment! Some of her firsts for the week were (homemade) chicken dinner and Dunkin Donuts. She put on a raspberry spectacular show after the munchkin sugar rush... it was absolutely hysterical. In an early morning meeting I'm pretty sure she gave the first intentional wave across the table to our financial advisors! Between family time, catching up with lots of old forever friends and good food, Bryan and I still had a lot of down time to just hang out and sunbathe, chat, plan (still working on that Maui trip... at least we have flights and a rental car reserved now!) for the upcoming year, read books and nap in the hammock.
Three generations... indulging at Bonefish Grill!
Sophie and Bryan enjoying the pool.
Sophie with Yaya and Matt at the Brazil's store.
Sophie with Grandpa getting ready to do the puzzle before work.
Sophie in a headlock with baby Avery.


  1. We loved having the Barbers visit for an entire week! Bryan got to see more of Pensacola than just the airport and our house! And, of course, having Miss Sophie and Amy around was wonderful, too!

  2. Loved seeing the Barber Clan! I have requested an early December trip to Charlotte for my birthday...let's talk about the possibility soon!! I would LOVE to try our hardest before you move yrous weet family to the great state of KY...even though I selfishly wish it could be the great state of FL! So great to see you and play with Miss Sophie. Harper sends smoochies and sticky fingers to her. XOXO.
    L,S, and H

  3. Ah, Pensacola, how I miss that place! (sometimes I forget how lucky we all were to grow up there!)

  4. tell me more about this amazing financial planner of yours! also, i echo leslie's selfish feeling. . .would a petition help? ALWAYS good to see you guys!