Thursday, July 15, 2010

Attack of the remora bibs

A nugget of advice for anyone reading out there (leave me a comment if you're out there!) that I never read in any book. I pulled Sophie's clean clothes out of the dryer today to find her adorable little swim shirt being attacked by Velcro bibs like little remora on a shark.

Of course you know how this story ends; pull off the bibs and you're left with pulls and gaps in the fabric and a ruined swim shirt. I have got to remember next time to either wash bibs separate (if I actually have enough to last a week with a drooler and solid food eater in the house) OR put them in a lingerie bag to wash... but she'll have outgrown her little swim outfits in 1 more month anyhow.

1 comment:

  1. just velcro them and it should be fine! i know the feeling! i guess there still may be an edge that could stick to things, but that would help alot. good 'proud to be a p'colian' blog. i'm very proud too and hope to get scott there someday. hope the sand is still white...