Monday, October 24, 2011

36 weeks (here is where we stop counting)

Something happens at 36 weeks. Realizing that bouncing baby Barber could survive just fine if he/she decided to come at any time now. When the doctor says at this point that they would no longer try to stop or stall your labor. Realizing that our days as of a family of three (plus two) are numbered less than one calendar month. When the baby clothes, swaddle sacks and blankets are washed in Dreft (why so delicious, Dreft?), folded and put away. When you stop thinking about 'tasks' and just enjoy every minute.

So what did we do this weekend? Had some fun and took some pictures. With the tiniest amount of coaching Bryan took some of my favorite pictures of this baby bump - he did such an amazing job. We didn't do a formal maternity shoot with either pregnancy, but we wanted to document this ourselves.

My two favorite little faces.

True love: bundled up, fall leaves, family time.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why so confusing?

Why so confusing, toddler meal time?

Why, after offering you bananas for six days, I throw them in the trash, then you immediately run around the corner and ask for a (now rotten and trash tainted) banana?

Why, will you not eat prunes, and then eat the same prunes with tasteless sprinkles on top?

Why will you turn up your nose at cucumber, and then devour said cucumber after mommy takes a tiny bite and tells you it is now shaped like the moon? (Related: we are seriously obsessed with the moon right now.)

Why will you eat tomatoes that I buy with caution, then once Costco-sized carton of tomatoes (or grapes) are purchased, you boycott?

Why do you turn down carrots every time mommy makes them, and gobble them up every time GMom makes them?

So confusing/frustrating/rewarding/never-the-same-meal-twice.

Weekend happiness

A sweet little photoshoot happiness for mommy this weekend. Two adoring sisters and a lovely little family (that, in full disclosure, I happen to be related to), and a good time was had by all!

Monday, October 17, 2011

A note to all my babes

Dear Sophie,

You are about to be a big sister and I have no idea how to make this an easy transition for you. In fact, my heart hurts a little to think that you might be sad or confused - that you will not understand that my capacity to love is about to double; not divide.

Mommy (you can go back to calling me Mommy instead of Mom, thank you.)

Dear Baby Barber,

If you are going to keep me up all night, you might as well come on out. Ready (ha!) when you are.


Dear Bryan,

You are the most amazing father and husband. I'm so grateful to be growing our little family together. Thank you for everything you do for us.


Thursday, October 13, 2011

My bump, my bump

My lovely lady lump.
Check it out!

Rainy morning yesterday meant breaking out my favorite houndstooth rainboots. A few rays of sunshine in the afternoon did not mean taking them off. And they made for a good belly picture; as if I needed another reason to wear them. I think the baby dropped over the last 48 hours because I can actually take a deep breath again. Shoo-wee! Final stretch!

34 weeks.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping momma busy

To continue with the getting back to being "me" theme, here is what I've been up to! Getting crafty (some things I can't show you, because they might wind up in your Christmas stocking), taking pictures, a trip to Charlotte to see some girlfriends - and who doesn't love a good baby shower?! Still working on the nursery slowly but surely. Will try to actually take some pictures of it before the baby arrives!

While we're talking about staying busy, I have to tell you about the three quickest hours of my day: 9am-12pm, also known as pre-school. Sophie goes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for three hours, which may seem like lots of time, but I promise you, it isn't.

At least I have a routine: Tuesdays I run all of my errands, Wednesday I do laundry and clean the house, and Thursdays I try to do something relaxing (sewing, baby projects, etc.). By the time I subtract driving time to/from preschool, I'm left with 2 hours and 20 minutes. Then subtract five potty breaks (34 weeks pregnant, remember?), giving some attention to my furbabies, prepping lunch and dinner, catching up on the phone with a friend or family member, stopping to eat a snack or two (34 weeks pregnant, remember?), my other tasks are left with very little time to be completed. And just forget it if my swollen little fingers find their way to the keyboard and type in "Pinterest" before I can stop them.

Friends, I am NOT complaining, I love my mommy time and yet I miss Sophie when she's gone. It is just amazing how quickly three hours can be exhausted!!

Anyhoo, what post is complete without some photos. Have a great day, y'all!

Took pics of this adorable birthday boy!

I've been getting a little crafty... watch out!

The momma-to-be, me and Whitney.
Whitney is due three days after me!

The most unbelievable cupcakes come from the kitchen
of the grandma-to-be, Helen. (Wishing I had the leftovers right now.)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

New rule: family dinner

We are three weeks into successful family dinners several nights a week! I think this makes up for the time daddy has to spend on the road away from us. Our most recent successful family dinner was easy-peasy and Sophie almost cleaned her plate.

Pork chops with Kale was the basis for the meal. My changes to the recipe were marinating the pork chops in soy sauce to help tenderize (what is worse than a tough pork chop?), and I used more like half the can of tomato paste instead of just a tablespoon.

I served this with Parmesan couscous and Sophie's version was a cut-up pork chop, couscous, a handful of cherry tomatoes and kale chips (instead of the wet, tomato-y kale). I'm not sure where my kale chip recipe came from, but I've found a method that works for me:

Wash, dry, and tear kale into bite size pieces
Drizzle with EVOO
Spread out on baking sheet (I line it with aluminum foil for simple clean up)
Sprinkle with salt
Bake 250 for 25 minutes

Have you had successful, healthy family dinners that even picky eaters enjoyed? I'd love to know to add to our repertoire!

The unthinkable

I've done the unthinkable in the Sophie en Sophie household. I deployed sprinkles on an everyday lunch.

The kid needed to eat some prunes, if you know what I mean. Today has turned out to be one of those days where I'm not in the mood for talking about eating prunes, or begging her to eat prunes, or chasing her around the house with multicolored toothpicks stacked with prunes... Sophie likes to play in the spice cabinet and found some sprinkles that are who-knows-how-old. She said "peeeeees mommy?" And we've been working on manners. So, I had to.

I generously applied sprinkles to her plate of prunes and some also made it on to the peanut butter sandwich. She gobbled them up. Was it worth it? We'll know in about 2.5 hours (hopefully she sleeps that long, mommy needs a nap, too)!