Monday, February 28, 2011

Kicks and seaweed

Sophie finally has some new kicks from Kixx. Embarrassing as it is, it took two trips to the store to pick out one pair of insanely adorable Pedipeds. If we can look at the trips as teaching moments, Sophie now knows and can tell you the difference between her "boots" and her "shoes." Ah, little girls. Have I mentioned how smart she is?

Or have I mentioned what a good eater she is? Over the past week we've had some new foods that seemed to please the pint-sized palette: Grouper, black beans, hummus, baked tofu, and... seaweed. Yes, the weed from the sea, lightly salted and baked to a crisp. She loves it.

It's about 10am on Monday and I'm blogging... to which you might be asking, how I do this with a one-year-old who naps only once a day? Yes, today is a two nap sort of day (as was yesterday). Some days I guess we'll still need two; and if the social calendar allows, we will go with the flow.

Back to it being 10am and I'm blogging... I should be working out at the Y (where Sophie would be crying the entire time) or doing P90X in the basement. Or sewing. Or taking pictures. Or cooking. Or reading the other 24 books I now have only 9 months to complete. But folks I'm a little in the dumps. I can't seem to brush my shoulders off. The Social Network had me up all night Saturday wondering if I am living up to my full potential; and I haven't been able to pick a side of that fence to sit on. Not that I have some great computer programming ideas I've been sitting on or an application in to Harvard... more like: am I using my God-given talents, challenging myself and/or making a difference in this big 'ol world? (Not one to sit on big decisions, I booked a photoshoot and am *this* close to opening an Etsy store! Hopefully brighter days on the horizon.)

I hate goodbyes and we had one this morning. Yaya flew in for the weekend we had some good food, good times and beautiful weather.

This one is a keeper... going into the Three Generations Frame :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Old things

I love old things. Just before we left for Hawaii, I received a big box in the mail from my Mother's cousin. I had been anticipating the arrival of said box for a few days and couldn't wait to reveal the contents to Bryan and Sophie.

We are now the proud owners of my Grandmother Sophie's first doll. The antique doll is approximately 91 years old, and still wearing the dress that was hand made for her by Grandmother Sophie's older sisters. There is still a note pinned under her skirt (handwritten by my Great-Aunt Dora) naming the doll as Sophie's.

The doll was last appraised for several hundred dollars a few years ago - not that this is something I could ever part with for sentimental reasons. She is in great condition and we are so happy a family member found her and wanted to share her with baby Sophie!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Operation: O.N. (one nap)

Well, three days in and Operation: One Nap has been a screaming success. I tell you, there is some truth to my baby bible: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. There is also truth to a little old saying that God doesn't give you more than you can bear.

We have a good sleeper on our hands. She hasn't always been that way though. Just when I was seriously about to commit myself due to sleep deprivation, Sophie started napping. Then she started sleeping more at night. Between five and six months, she was sleeping a solid 12 to sometimes 14 hours straight. So, it's no surprise really that when she was ready to drop a nap, she simply dropped a nap.

Friends, three days in might still be the honeymoon phase; I'm totally aware. As I write about the good times, I'll also be honest about the not so good times. But if this is the last post on her One Nap adventure, then rest assured that we are all resting. Assured.

To address our recent hiatus from the blogosphere, we went to Maui for 10 days. There was an adjustment to that idea on the front side of the 10 days, and an adjustment to hugging our 23lb alarm clock on the back side of the 10 days. And, here we are, back to Musing on Motherhood with Sophie en Sophie. xo

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wordless Saturday

There are some days when I have no words. On such a day as today, I'll let my pictures speak the 1,000 words that aren't coming out of my brain. Shot these yesterday in our neighborhood. Goodness how I love her.