Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The bravest girl

Sophie checked out great at our follow up yesterday. Her version of what happened:

"I fhewl into the fireflace. 
And Daddy picked me up. 
And Daddy got me a nah-kin. 
And Daddy took me to the hospital. 
And we watched DORA!
And I got a balloon!"

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend in review, or, the crappity-crap-crap-crappiest weekend ever

I've been neglectful, friends. I've been meaning to write about Sophie's new phrases that drive me bananas are SO adorable:

Watch me do dis, mommy!
No, I can do it all.by.myself.
Mommy, look at me!
But, why?
But WHY?

And I've been meaning to tell you about this new venture if you haven't already heard: Bluegrass Bebe photography in Louisville (go on over and 'like' my page if you have a minute, it would mean a lot to me).

Also been meaning to write about Tucker (aka Super Baby) and just post some sweet pictures in general.

And finally to tell you about my furbaby Maddox who has officially torn her other ACL. My first born... its been really tough to see her age, but she is a champ. Still happy and still wagging that awesome boxer nubbin (or her "kickstand" as we like to call it).

But, I've just been a little busy.

We had an awesome weekend planned of good food, some outdoor adventures, a party to celebrate the engagement of sweet cousin Lindy, and probably some good drinks going down like water - you know how we like to do it on the weekends.

Instead, Sophie had some firsts that were probably inevitable for a toddler, but still unexpected. Her first big fat bloody event: landed face first into our brick fireplace, first trip to the emergency room and first stitches. It happened so fast I am not 100% sure how she fell. Daddy rushed her to the emergency room where she remembers nothing of the experience with the exception of Dora, stickers, slushies and two balloons. Phew. She has three stitches between her eyes and almost her entire nose is skinned and raw. I'm so super thankful that she still has all of her teeth and that her eye didn't catch the brick. That said, I'm still a mom and am concerned about scars on her face. We will be following doctors orders to a "T" to care for and protect the new skin that will grow back.

Not to be outdone, Tucker had a temperature that kept going up and down from a normal 98 up to 101.5 for more than 24 hours. Sophie was settled down watching a movie Saturday night (and still acting like a little drunk person from the meds) and I decided to take Tucker's temp one more time before he went down for bed. And the battery in the thermometer died. Which part of the plan, obv. Shakes fists to the heavens.

Two different stores and no replacement battery, I finally just bought a new thermometer. Back home, his temp registered at 103 which was the highest I've ever seen. Off to our second trip ever - and in the same day - to the emergency room where he rang in at 103.5 degrees. Thank heavens it was an ear infection (never thought I'd say that). And let me tell you how much fun it is to try and administer amoxicillian through a dropper to an infant. I kid. It is the opposite of fun.

Everyone slept through the night, but Sunday started at 5am with my early bird Tucker. When Sophie finally woke up around 8am she said, "Mommy, my face is coming off." I die. One of the bandages that Bryan taped her up with had peeled loose, and with no memory of her injury, of course she thought the bandage was her face coming off. I mean, who wouldn't?

Mommy and Daddy are exhausted - physically, mentally and emotionally. We all survived and everyone is generally happy. Just hoping that the week ahead is a little less eventful. And hoping Sophie leaves her stitches alone in bed tonight. So while we enjoy some Copper Cupcakes and a bottle of wine, we raise a glass to Lindy and Tim and to the close of this crappy weekend from the comfort of our cozy sofa. Salud!