Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Red wine or bleach my teeth...

Tonight, the vino won. Lucky us, our dentist has given us free whitening for life. This is serious stuff, too. I'm talking the dentist told me to take four Advil and sleep with the trays on overnight. He was also very specific about NOT drinking red wine when the pores in your teeth are opened from the whitening... or suffer the consequence of having pink teeth. Ay-yai-yai, the choices we make!

I'm thinking that teeth whitening is an icing-on-the-cake, there-is-nothing-else-I-can-do-to-feel-prettier type thing. I have some baby lbs to shed before I need any icing on this cake (mmmmm... cake...), so maybe I'll just put those little trays away and enjoy my red wine until I'm nice and back in shape.

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