Thursday, July 1, 2010

Victory day

We celebrate victories in the Barber household, even small ones (like poopy diapers, finishing green beans, a trip to Costco without any crying). Today we had two victories. The first being a trip to the baby drop-off at the gym without any tears! I asked the care-givers to play with her instead of strapping her in a bouncy seat. When I came back (only 15 min later - I told you, small victories), they had placed a playmate in front of Sophie; a seven month old boy and the babies just kept looking at each other and turning their heads.... frickin adorable. Of course, she cried the whole way home (mom! you took my friend away!).

Victory number two was a home run on some adorable items from Bella Tunno... sale goes on til 6pm if you haven't gotten anything! By entering the code VICTORY in the discount area, I saved 40% off the following precious accessories:

Gotta love the little headband... when Sophie has a head full of hair this will be cute!

A wipe-able placemat on one side and a re-usable chalk board on the other!
For the artist in Sophie...

To protect her little head from the sun... I heart paisley and zebra!
And a smaller third victory... mama lost 2lbs!

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  1. Sweet little things for a wonderful little girl! Way to go Momma!