Monday, July 5, 2010

Sweet Carolina 4th of July

What do Southerners do? We feed people.

I pureed my way through the weekend for the youngest palette of the bunch, making a few new foods for her eating pleasure. Pureed Champagne Mangoes, Apples with cinnamon, Organic Carrots and Broccoli, and Watermelon. **Watermelon not pictured because pureeing watermelon leaves you with... pink water... not easy to spoon feed to an infant. So the watermelon wound up being used for mom and dad in some adult bevvies.

We have an Independence Day dinner tradition that started two years ago while we stayed in a cabin in Hot Springs, NC with Maddox and Coop: Tyler Florence's doubled dipped Buttermilk Fried Chicken and cherry tomatoes with buttermilk blue cheese dressing. Heaven. I also whipped up my specialty baked brie with apricots and pecans... need a double diet week from all that goodness. Yep, I gained back the 2lbs I lost, so I guess I won't be hitting my goal this week.

In other words, Sophie's first July 4th weekend was a success. The weather was practically perfect in every way - these are the Carolina weekends we live for. We took Sophie on long walks, played in her new water spray playmat, visited the swings at the park, and went to a neighborhood cookout. What about fireworks, you ask? The babe goes to sleep at 6:30, and our pooches flip out at the sound of fireworks... so, no, none for us this year. We vaguely heard the sonic booms from the comfort of our basement though. It was great to have Bryan home for a long weekend, and I will be sad to send him off to work tomorrow. But... big trip coming up this weekend, and we're getting excited to run away for a little while!

Sophie enjoying her backyard toy that finally arrived in the mail!

Sophie en Sophie on our front porch ready for festivities!

Red, white and blue!

Me and my little watermelon at the neighborhood cookout (she only lasted an hour, alas, but our good neighbor friends brought us a plate of amazing food a little later)! Might be the only time she wears this outfit on camera, the hat is already almost too small!

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