Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Good fences make good neighbors

Conversely, do good bloggers make good neighbors? Working under two assumptions here: First, that I'm a good blogger and second, that we are good neighbors. Moving on... We've had some interesting happenings in the neighborhood lately, and I won't name names, but the good news is that the crazies have moved. Random doorbell rings after 11pm, police helicopters at all hours, need I say again that Papa John's won't even deliver to us?

My mommy instinct rumbles from deep inside when we're out for walks lately. An officer stopped me one morning and asked, "Have you seen a man on a bike?" Seriously, officer? We live in a self proclaimed Eco-Community (saw the crudely hand painted sign yesterday) where everyone rides bikes, walks, runs... I can't remember for the life of me if I saw a particular man on a particular bike on this particular day. Seeing room for improvement on my memory skills, I try to test myself when passing a stranger. Without turning around, I try to describe (to myself) what they were wearing, their facial features, their height, etc. (And now I stare like everyone is a suspect... which is probably strange.) Unfortunately I would be a terrible witness and NO GOOD to one of those police suspect illustrators. White male, a big-ish hat, small ears, big mouth, unshaven, small-ish nose... The sketch would wind up looking something more like Cat in the Hat.

Two new truths I've discovered today. 1. My favorite sound in the world is this inhaling-through-the-mouth (think a frog croaking) at a high pitch (more like Velociraptor) accompanied by a big gummy grin. 2. You could put ruffles on the butt of practically anything and I would swoon.


  1. Yes, you must always be aware of your surroundings! I can't wait to hear the sound you described! Saturday can't get here fast enough.

  2. Perhaps we should all start wearing ruffles on our butts. But I don't think we'd be as cute as Ms. Sophie!

  3. Vicki, good thought! Don't think I need to highlight that though :) Mom, see you soon!