Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silly bands, shattered earth tones, etc.

One silly band, one XS pair of sunglasses, one Mary Poppins DVD, one chock-full refrigerator, one-half-gallon of mint juleps and one almost empty coffee pot simmering away in the corner... the only remnants of a fantabulous girls weekend (besides pictures and lovely memories, of course). As the Honda pulled out of the driveway with my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and two nieces, I got right down to business of cleaning and putting-away. Try as I may, the racket I made with the vacuum cleaner and the toilet scrubber in no way filled the void that was full of squealing baby girls, laughter, fun and food for the previous six days.

Bryan and I have worked diligently on decorating our homes for the last few years in a carefully selected palette of earth tones. At first, how horrified I was to see baby items taking over in shocking red, yellow and blue and PINK. Yet another change I didn't see coming... I much prefer seeing the patio furniture draped with itty bitty swim suits and towels and swimmies, and the sage green rug peppered with tiny toys and books than to have everything nice and neat all.the.time. (You know that I pick-up and put-away every evening, but my point is that a mess of baby things is becoming quite enjoyable.)

Back to our gals visit... Kathy (G-Mom), Kristin, Amy, Kaelin, Hannah and Sophie... a force to be reckoned with! We played games, did sidewalk chalk, spent a day shopping at Concord Mills (Sophie was up for a whopping 5 hours with very little complaint), went to the Berewick pool (one public melt-down and my very first two wasp stings - thank God it got me and not the babies), spent a day at the over-crowded-but-still-very-cool Discovery Place, said "no" to the dogs every 45 seconds, went swimming and had dinner with the Bottom's family, played Silly Bands (is that the right verb for doing stuff with shaped rubber bands?), went to the park, had a wine and cheese night, made several trips to the grocery, did lots of laundry... I think a great time was had by all. G-Mom came home from Target with a much appreciated Christmas-sized delivery of toys for the girls! Thanks again!

I have to gush for a minute about my sister in law. I am pretty sure I have the best SIL ever (and you can't have her - unless you are interested in her 17 year old brother... and if you are, that is sick because all the girls I know that read this are much older than 17). She gives and gives to her girls, loves Sophie like her own, keeps her cool, loves to chat, drinks wine and wants to be around family. She has supplied us with more baby hand-me-downs than anyone could ask for, and for that we are very thankful. Cheers to you, Kristin, and I'm looking forward to planning our mommy getaway trip!

G-Mom reading to the grandbabies.

Aunt Kristin with Hannah, Kaelin, Emma and Sophie (aka Emma's doll).

G-Mom with Kaelin and Sophie checking out the fish at Discovery Place.
((You can see that Kaelin was never more than a few steps away
from Sophie, she is such a sweet girl!!!))

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