Thursday, May 26, 2011

New vegetable friends

I think we're turned the proverbial corner on vegetables!

It just goes to show that one has to constantly offer babies/toddlers different food choices and eventually they'll they'll try something new! A few weeks ago I whipped up a smorgasborg of vegetables: roasted cheddar cauliflower and crunchy "fried" green beans. I also put some broccoli on the roasting pan, but it began to burn before the other veggies were ready. I gave it to her anyway.

The only thing on the tray she ate (besides the little pb&j circles) was the sort-of-burnt roasted broccoli! Adding that to the roasted kale chips that she gobbles up and I thought we might be on to something.

This past week her new vegetable adventure was peeled and diced cucumber. Then while I was out on Mommy's day off, Daddy offered her diced fresh red pepper. Then she picked out an ear of corn at the farmer's market... which she ate fresh off the cob. One pleased parent right here!

I've tried some new recipes from my absolute favorite baby cooking blog, Weelicious. Sophie ate an entire meal of the Curry Rice that was packed with peas, carrots and potatoes (and subsequently wouldn't touch it the next day... oh well). Baby steps, but we're making progress!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mother's Day, part deux

We had a great Mother's Day weekend with a surprise trek to Louisville, KY to visit with some family. This was my second year of being a mommy and getting in on the celebration - only made better by the fact that we announced we have another jellybean in the oven! Our due date is November 21, so we'll have another holiday birthday to add to the calendar.

We were also in Louisville in time for the Kentucky Derby. This was the only outfit in Sophie's closet with horses on it, and here she is running her own little derby (sans goggles, helmet and riding crop).

Sophie sure does love her little cousins in Kentucky, and I've got the pictures to prove it:

Sophie and cousin Kaelin.

Sophie sandwich! Hannah and Kaelin.

Impromptu Mother's Day pictures taken by hubby!

Obv, had a hard time picking a favorite!

My little love bug. Happy Mother's Day!