Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter recap

We're kind of having an amazing day. Is it too soon to say that? Am I going to jinx our afternoon? The day started with a bath and blowing bubbles in Sophie's room because of a early diaper explosion. Then she ate all but six bites of a breakfast quesadilla (have I professed my love for quesadillas yet?) that was packed full of red pepper, zuchinni, spinach and onion. We went to the gym for over an hour (there were tears when I left, but smiles when I came back!), story time at the library, had lunch,went for a quick walk and played "OW-SY" all before noon nap time!

This is all quite remarkable coming off the week/weekend that just passed. Sophie had a 2-hour tummy bug, Yaya got it, Dada got it, and Mommy had it the worst. I was completely out of commission for almost two days. Good thing we were in Florida with more people around to help take care of little stink. Before I got sick though we had an eventful trip! Here are some pictures of Sophie's first REAL beach outing at Pensacola Beach.

Getting brave!

Snack time (again!), the sun made her extra hungry!

Sophie's sweet friend Harper, in her fashionable Lilly suit!

Easter Sunday I was almost on my death bed, but I rallied to get through an Easter Egg hunt and some service music at church before we had to head home again. As much as I couldn't stomach anything more than Gatorade, I couldn't stomach the idea of missing her first Easter Egg hunt!

Getting started.


Gimme back my eggs!

She didn't quite grasp the concept of putting her eggs
in the basket. She insisted on holding them (which you could
guess results in not collecting many eggs!).

Sunday, April 17, 2011

16 months!

Phew. 16 months. Really? I'm not kidding, where does the time go? And what a beautiful day to have a 16 month "birthday" here in the Carolinas.

What she's saying: Mama, Dada, ball, Maddy, doggies, outside, Bless You, bath, fish, bow, hair, brush teeth, hi/bye, sun, bear, pup-pup, and more I'm sure I can't think of right now. Today while getting ready for church she started saying "Awesome" which sounds a little like "awsh-oo" (which she learned from DJ Lance). **edited to add: "Happy Birthday, bubbles, all done." She says these alllllll the time; can't believe they skipped my mind.

What she's eating: less vegetables, more fruit. Can't wait for this phase to come full circle back to veggies!

What she's doing: Kindermusik, play dates, climbing and descending stairs, yelling, dancing, taking one solid 2-4 hour nap a day, sleeping from 7pm-7am, and just being a little ham - light of our lives!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sophie smoothie

I feel like I start, and subsequently erase, so many posts about what Sophie is eating. Get excited folks because I'm not going to erase this one.

To date, we've cut out 90% of dairy from her diet (I allow 10% because of eating cheese quesadillas and grilled cheese sandwiches when we go to a restaurant... those are always winners). Well, those of you out there with kids know that dairy is a staple of every meal, so I have to get creative sometimes to make her a tasty snack. Enter: Sophie smoothie.

Sophie Smoothie
1/2 Cup organic silken tofu
1 Tablespoon honey
1/2 ripe banana
1/2 Cup chopped cantaloupe (frozen for extra chill/thickness)
1 Tablespoon organic ground flax seed

Blend all ingredients until desired texture. I added a few Tablespoons of rice milk to thin it out a little - that way it could be enjoyed with a straw! It tastes like a traditional yogurt smoothie!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

An overnight with Seniorita Stinky Pants

Friday afternoon, Bryan, Seniorita Stinky Pants and I headed to Clemson, SC for Bryan's first half-marathon. I booked suites at two different hotels, unsure of which had the better setup for 7pm sleeping baby and parents that weren't yet ready to call it a night.

Luckily a childhood friend offered up her amazing, fully furnished 4 bedroom home that is on the market, while she and her family have relocated up north. What a perfect setup: Sophie had her own floor and a thousand toys for entertainment (and bonus, Bryan and I didn't have to put her to bed and stare at a hotel ceiling).

Bryan, aka Baby Daddy, doesn't get a lot of face time on my motherhood blog. Without him though, none of this fabulous mommy stuff would be possible. He is always up to some new challenge, new sport, new hobby, and I love how he keeps me on my toes! Hot off the press, his latest adventure was his first half-marathon. Bryan ran faster than he did in any training run, and surpassed his own expectations! I'm so proud of you, beb!

Here is my photo journal of the day:

Setting his watch at the start line.

In a dead sprint to the finish line!

Now that is a photo finish. Kisses from his sweet.

Collecting his awards for 2nd place in his age group!

Stinky Pants herself, in the Easter egg hunt.

We had a great overnight experience, largely in part to a generous friend. I'm so proud of Bryan for accomplishing yet another personal goal! Hope you had a great weekend, too.