Thursday, June 24, 2010

When did your age slap you in the face?

When we decided where we were moving after sellng the house, I joined a mommy network and the specific forum for the new neighborhood hoping to make some connections and meet some other SAHMs. Another one of the groups required access as it was a private, moderated forum....... Young Moms. So, I filled out the form just like before to join the neighborhood forum and subsequently opened my acceptance email. Then - BAM - that's when my age slapped me in the face. The moderater cooly asked me how old I was and I realized, sadly, that I would not be gaining acceptance into the "Young Moms" group. This was honestly the first time I felt, not old, but definitely not young.

I remember in my early 20s thinking, I'll always be this hip, wear stylish clothes, know every word to every song on the radio by heart, be a cool mom. In my late 20s now with my first baby, I wish girls would wear more clothing, that "artists" would sing about more than undressing and drinking, that kids would appreciate the classics and stop looking like people in magazines in general. I sport a momiform, sing along willingly to Kindermusik cds (bounce hello to Sophie....) and my hair is ALWAYS in a ponytail. I literally just released a heavy sigh as I wrote that.

Mommy makeover? I'll have two.

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  1. So what is considered a young mom, a teenager??? That is ridiculous!