Sunday, June 27, 2010

The only thing harder than raising a child...

Is planning a vacation to Maui.

There is an over-abundance of information for such a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific... and it never fails: I sit down to do some research and find myself two hours later in a daze, not remembering one thing I've read. Wish us luck (we need it). The ONLY thing I've confirmed is that Sophie's two grandmothers will be able to share babysitting duty while we're gone!

One day soon, I hope to actually taste food again. Sophie doesn't just pass out in her car seat when we're out to eat anymore, she needs entertainment (or bottle, or food, or just wants to play with your face). So I either wind up inhaling what's in front of me simply for sustenance or I let the meal pass with hardly touching my food. I almost ruined dinner with friends last night by just being an anxious mess trying to take Sophie out past bedtime. Good thing they are good friends :) Once we got home I actually had to think about what I ordered (ate it so fast I didn't remember).

Happy Wife, Happy Life. I can literally hear Bryan's eyes rolling over this phrase. It's the kind of thing you see stitched on a kitchen towel (the stiff kind that doesn't absorb a THING) or etched in a little wooden plaque in a touristy gift shop... but this is one happy wife... and we have a great little life! Another wonderful weekend is drawing to a close; planted flowers, ate out, got a massage, dinner with friends, vacation planning and I sort of feel skinny today.

Some of the flowers I planted in baskets (collars are model's own)

Another day of World Cup games. My mommy brain doesn't stop just because Sophie is napping upstairs. "Watch out for the soft spot!" Every time I see the players go for a header, I cringe, thinking they still have soft spots in their skulls... which would only apply if we were watching baby soccer... and that probably wouldn't have 19 times the viewership of the Super Bowl.

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