Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lifestyle change... still getting used to it

I'm not talking about life with babe, I'm talking our diet (ah-hem, lifestyle change). Bryan and I have adopted an anti-inflammatory diet for two reasons: reason one because of a health issue that sent Bryan to the doctor, reason two because he's now lost over 20lbs and I want that, too, damn it! Check back later to see how I really feel after I give it a go for a solid month.

I only have one bone to pick. The single immoral part to this diet is that I'm deprived of every woman's need for eating chocolate on demand. Ever since I was preggo with Sophie I wrapped my swollen fingers around every morsel of delicate dessert I could find - any excuse was a good excuse to eat sweets. Never having a sweet tooth before, I became addicted to chocolate, sugar, desert-in-general when I was with child. I tried to prove to myself that it wasn't true chocolate love by boldly ordering the vanilla cake (it had a much fancier name than I can recall at this time) at Amelie's at the end of our"treat" night from the diet (Saturdays the diet goes to hell and we eat whatever we want). I had asked the server what her favorite item on the menu was and she bounced up and down, excited to give me this vanilla cake recommendation. I devoured half of it, and with each bite hoped I would actually enjoy the next. But sadly, I was up 1000 calories for the day and disappointed. The dark chocolate mousse cup is where it's at, and I won't stray again!

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