Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mixed bag Wednesday

Butternut squash was on the menu yesterday. I bought one at our local farmers market (the sticker proclaimed imported from Mexico, sigh) to make Sophie some baby food. One squash goes a long way, I probably made enough to feed an army of babies, plus had leftovers for butternut squash soup last night. Today, I'm tackling green beans. The kitchen shears are tucked away; I decided today to be more authentic - snapping off the ends and pulling the strings like little zippers the "country way" as my Dad would call it (I laugh because these were labeled "stringless beans" at the market). Outside I hear the police helicopter circling overhead yet again. We love our new neighborhood, which, ironically is also our old neighborhood. But Papa John's won't even deliver here because it's too "dangerous" (exhibit A: circling police 'copter).

Today is a mixed bag for me. A mixed bag of veggies from the farmers market that I still have yet to sort, excitement for the USA soccer team, and sadness for my family back in Pensacola for their loss of the beautiful white beaches where heavy oil washed ashore today and a more personal loss of a family member. One of the Brazils has left to cross the Rainbow Bridge into doggy heaven.

Little Miss Moose is the fluffy white ball of happiness in the center of the picture below. She lived to be almost 17 years (people years!) old and was the recipient of a lot of love, tummy rubs, pig ears, treats, kisses and snuggles. She will be deeply missed by the family and her litter mate Muffin who is still kickin!

Just some other pictures from the week so far to end the post on a little brighter note...

Papa and Soph in the pool at swim lessons.

Happy little swimmer in a cute towel wrap from Aunt Kristin (and Kaelin and Hannah).

Sophie in her soccer BabyLegs cheering for the USA as they advance in the World Cup!

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