Friday, June 18, 2010


This has been a week of notable "firsts" around the Barber household.

First swim lesson - Sophie used her arms to get to the rubber duckies, even kicked a little! She "floated" on her back, too. Who knows what other swim skills my infant would have excelled in next. No, really. We'll never know because our first swim lesson was cut short by some toddler up-chucking in the pool.

First Kindermusik class - this was the first class we actually paid for. She loved the free class. I went to Egypt and back instead of following the GPS to class and got us there 30 minutes late, Soph missed a nap, and the only song she liked was Mama Paquita (fussed through the rest).

First trip to the gym baby-drop-off - didn't go as well as planned. Mea culpa because I went to check on her and she saw me (unbeknownst to me) and she cried hysterically as I walked away.

First trip to Target with not ONE impulse purchase. Baby steps.

First homemade baby food - apples were food of choice (partly because I bought a giant package of them from Costco and knew by Tuesday that we weren't going to be eating them all before they spoiled). And she actually liked my apples, but doesn't like the jarred apples.

How you like them apples? :)

My little swimmer happy as a clam after swim lessons!

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