Thursday, August 5, 2010

Well, it's about that time

Some days I feel like I really have it together. Yesterday we walked with neighbors, Heidi stopped over for a visit, I got all the goodies on my list at Target (subsequently Sophie ate said list), we had the dog trainers come over for a session, I cooked an excellent dinner and ended the evening sweatin' in the heat having wine with Rachel and Jen. Today I lose my togetherness all-together when Sophie hits yet another milestone.

Well it's about that time to baby-proof the house. Dust off the outlet covers and cabinet ties that have been tucked away since the baby shower. 'Cause folks, we have a CRAWLER!

We were upstairs this morning when it first happened with Rachel and Emma. Rachel and I avoided eye contact because both of us were tearing up :) I took a really cute flip video after we got home from the gym, which I've unsuccessfully tried to upload here four times (five times now). So, I'll just end this post with a few recent pics of her royal cuteness.

Mom, seriously, enough with the pictures already!

Sophie and mom at Sushi night out with the Bottoms family!

Up wayyyy past bedtime but exited to play with Emma!

Having a snack with mom at Tasty Yo!

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