Monday, August 9, 2010

Sophie's musical education

I need to enlist the help of friends from my past musical life for a very important task. Sophie has really enjoyed my recent renditions of Rent, Les Mis, Annie Get Your Gun and Hello Dolly recently... but I can't always remember the words and it sure would be more fun for me to have something to sing along with. I can fake some of them, but making up the words to Schoolhouse Rock is just wrong (Interplanet Janet sitting here on Capitol Hill... that-a-way to confuse a small child). Although we love every part of Kindermusik, mommy needs something a little more familiar to sing to Sophie and I just can't picture Ms Betsy or Ms Nancy from class belting out a little "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent... that would be... weird.

YOUR TASK SHOULD YOU CHOSE TO ACCEPT IT: I'm not trying to encourage piracy, but hoping some of y'all could burn me some cd's of a few of my favorite musicals? Please send me a message or leave a comment if you can conveniently contribute to Sophie's continuing musical education :)

Schoolhouse Rock
Mary Poppins
Songs For A New World
Les Miserables
Into The Woods
Westside Story
Annie Get Your Gun
Anything Goes
Once Upon A Mattress


  1. I have Les Mis, Titanic and hit songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber! And I think I have the VHS tape of Into the Woods (maybe) from WHS. Plus your tapes of PCC's shows.

  2. i know where you can find the les mis dvd. :-)

  3. i have wicked. i'll make it happen.