Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random thoughts Tuesday

Far too many jumbled thoughts in this brain of mine right now, and I can't seem to make sense of putting them all together. So we'll go list form for once.

  • Ever wondered how sticky baby rice cereal is? Open a brand new box and turn it upside down, sprinkling generously over hardwoods. Vacuum, mop. Repeat.

  • Concord Mills had a lot of deals to be had this past weekend. And I had all of them.

  • I sort of miss working. The best sales job ever had me jet-setting all over creation, meeting in the war room with CEO's and other important folks and helping them communicate to investors. Blissful memories.

  • Thunder and lightening storms do happen in North Carolina and they can be taken in from the comfort of our front porch!

  • We've got some new wheels coming our way. No, not a fancy new car (drats!), but new wheels for the Baby Jogger. Great customer service. Four stars. ****

  • I still misspell pallet (pallette, palette, palet) even after working in transportation for over a year.

  • We have a lot of visitors and several trips coming up that I'm really excited about! We have flights, a rental car and I FINALLY booked a hotel for Maui this winter. Now to book all of the excursions.

  • I'm going to put away my Thanksgiving pants for good, I'm really committed to losing some weight (having a workout partner ((Rach!)) in the 'hood should help!). This means that I will be saying goodbye to the momiform, which I still haven't divulged much on in this blog. Momiform = ponytail + stretch pants + old tshirts (shower, brush teeth, repeat).

  • Date nights, even on week days, are fantastic.

  • S'mores, even made in the oven, are fantastic. Actually, maybe better because I don't have to run around the campfire yelling "white rabbit!" to keep the smoke from stinking up my hair.


  1. this blog may be the best thing to happen to me all year. white rabbit!

  2. that might be the best comment ever left! :)