Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow daze

Why, oh why, am I far less productive on a snow day when I cannot leave the house, than on a day where I - by choice - do not leave the house? I'll call it a snow daze... mesmerized by the glowing white coming from outside the windows and the soft, low sound of flakes piling slowly one by one. And, well, maybe it's because of all this cuteness going around my house:

One thing is for sure, our gas bill should go down by about 1/3 since I found our bathroom window has been open since, um, May.

For the record, Soph was NOT interested in the snow for more than 3 minutes after the 20 minutes it took us to bundle up (even the pooches had coats on).

That is all I have for today other than breaking my diet, missing a workout, not doing a shred of cleaning and playing in the snow (three times).

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