Sunday, January 16, 2011


Cowmooflage almost hijacked and destroyed our otherwise perfectly good Saturday.

Sophie has been in the bucket car seat since, oh, birth. It's about time we move her to big girl seat and I've been doing copious amounts of research to find the *perfect* one. Graco, Chicco, Eddie Baur, Safety First, Evenflo, Sunshine Kids, Britax... I mean, with so many choices, it's hard to say that one is truly better than another. But, we narrowed it down to three based on safety ratings, mommy forums, and friend recommendations.

Did you know that the CDC and the AAP are now recommending that children up to 2 years old be rear-facing in car seats (or when the weight/height capacity of the rear-facing convertible car seat is reached)?

To get to the story - we settled on Britax. They have a local distribution warehouse and they'll even help you install the seats in your car. So when we picked out a Britax model, all we had to do was select the color. Cowmooflage, naturally.

I was in heaven. I mean it's adorable, right? Well, Bryan didn't exactly share my vision for our children riding in a cow-print car seat for the next five years (that is assuming we have another, and presuming that other said offspring is a boy). Boo-hoo. I think it's safe to say that the "discussion" that ensued was a little heated. We each had such good defense that we had changed each others' minds by the end - I wanted to exchange the seat and he wanted to keep it.

Needless to say, the Britax in Cowmooflage that rode all the way home with us will be going back this week - still in it's original box - and being traded in for a more neutral pattern. And our marriage is still in tact. Win-win.


  1. I LOVE THE COWMOOFLAGE! That's the one that I want lol!

  2. I have visions of a binder that i'm going to need to get from you one of these days. Is there a binder? There better be a binder! (or at least some sort of excel sheet!) xoxo

  3. Hi! Yes, if you want a binder, you get a binder! This one is filed under "how to choose your battles." :)