Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Random thoughts Wednesday

Sometimes, as a mom, I think that my heart will burst open at the seams. Literally. The joy, the pride, the happiness I feel when I see my little blue-eyed, Bryan-look-a-like, Frankenstein-walking child is so overwhelming that my heart just skips a beat and I think it might explode. So, call the Doc, because today we're heading in for a visit with a bursting heart.

I have a lot of love to go around today. I don't know if it's the rain (I have to admit, I love a rainy day because God made it and it's beautiful), or afterglow from a fun night out with the hubs last night or three days in a row to the gym, but I am feeling pretty thankful today. I've got a running mental list of some things I've been wanting to blog about but none of them stood up on their own as meaty worth-while entries. So as much as I don't like making lists (that's boring for me and for you), the following is my ode to happiness for this blissfully rainy day.

  1. Sweet potatoes. Love 'em. My 10lb box from Costco is dwindling because I've found recipes for this blessed vegetable to fit each meal of the day. Biscuits, mashed 'taters, "fries," and casserole. And the littlest Barber loves them - just one more reason.
  2. Buy Buy Baby. The car seat story continues (I know - you're thinking, "really?"). I found a deal online that would have saved me over $83 on a $309 car seat. By simply calling the store manager and explaining my dilemma (and that I was about to make my third trip to the store to return said car seat), she did a price match and refunded me the difference onto my credit card. One happy customer here.
  3. Matthews Police Department. Free child car seat inspection and/or installation saved our sanity. We have an older car without the easy hooks for new car seats, and I think we lost 3 hours of our Saturday trying to figure out what the great Police Department employees did in a matter of 15 minutes. Sophie is now rear-facing in her big girl Britax.
  4. Buckle. Yeah - the teeny bopper store in the mall. Did you know they are the only place I was able to find shorts with longer than a 1" inseam in January? Lordy. And they fit. And they stretch. And they don't look like mom shorts. Win. Win. Win.
  5. Allyson. My best friend in the entire world - who also unfortunately lives on the other side of the world (spoiler alert - I'll be seeing her soon - more to come). She has two kids to my one and she called me for some advice on something. Made my ever-lovin' day. All mommies do things a little differently, and it's really special when this is acknowledged and you can share something like baby-food-making tips, or nap tips, or nursing tips.
Are you left feeling completely enriched by my random thoughts Wednesday? What has made your day today - I'd love to know! xo

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