Thursday, January 6, 2011

New year, happy?

I've been trying to compose some sort of New Year's blog post about reflecting on '10 and resoluting for '11, but to no avail. Don't get me wrong, the year was great: I survived. I survived and even thrived as a first time mom. I learned what I'm really good at and really bad at... that I'm cut out for pregnancy, not so much for delivery, and I am cut out for lovin' the stuffin' out of my bouncing baby girl.

I tried a new Yoga studio in the neighborhood the other night, and the teacher was talking about how no two practices are ever the same; no two days are ever the same. Ever. I started tearing up, and I think that is where my New Year began. A simple, but thoughtful moment in a Yoga studio. Go figure. No two days are the same, so I want to make the most of the ones I am given. I also want to keep working towards finding a family/life/friendship balance. I want to feel better in my 30's than I have my entire life! And I want to have fresh flowers in the house more - like these - that I just picked up:

Makes me smile :)

Sophie update! She still learns something new every day. Within the last two weeks, she's started giving kisses (to anything with a nose or a mouth), brushes her hair, feeds her baby doll, and she knows where mommy's "nose" is!

Sophie on her first birthday!

Sophie's New Years at Discovery Place Kids.
A ladybug in a sea of ladybugs.

Sew what? I've got a few things up my sleeves. Are you on the edge of your seat yet? The picture below is your only clue. More to come!!


  1. Yes, you have to live life one day at a time and make the most of each one! Miss Sophie is so smart! I can't wait to be the one spending all of each day with her and sending YOU a daily picture!

  2. I know what that is!! :) Amy, how awesome this will be for Sophie to read when she grows up. You're a wonderful mom...

  3. Oh Mom, I can't even go there yet! But we are excited to see you. Melanie... Thank you! I'm so glad you've gotten to visit so much with S lately. xoxo

  4. are you kidding me!? that bag on top!? have you seen what we had for my wedding!?

  5. Yes - I gave you that idea for the coffee bags, remember :)