Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Why so confusing?

Why so confusing, toddler meal time?

Why, after offering you bananas for six days, I throw them in the trash, then you immediately run around the corner and ask for a (now rotten and trash tainted) banana?

Why, will you not eat prunes, and then eat the same prunes with tasteless sprinkles on top?

Why will you turn up your nose at cucumber, and then devour said cucumber after mommy takes a tiny bite and tells you it is now shaped like the moon? (Related: we are seriously obsessed with the moon right now.)

Why will you eat tomatoes that I buy with caution, then once Costco-sized carton of tomatoes (or grapes) are purchased, you boycott?

Why do you turn down carrots every time mommy makes them, and gobble them up every time GMom makes them?

So confusing/frustrating/rewarding/never-the-same-meal-twice.


  1. She wants what she wants and she doesn't want what she doesn't want. Love her :)

  2. ugh! We are starting some of this too. so frustrating as a mommy. but, they are getting independent on us...

  3. She does have a mind of her own! :)

  4. Abraham started doing that yesterday - he only wants bread, which I rarely give him. He was eating literally everything we gave him.

    Nathan, my step son, is 6 and the pickiest eater I know. His tastes change with the wind, so we just keep the few things he will eat on hand and keep offering everything else.

    Good luck! Hope you are feeling well.