Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Keeping momma busy

To continue with the getting back to being "me" theme, here is what I've been up to! Getting crafty (some things I can't show you, because they might wind up in your Christmas stocking), taking pictures, a trip to Charlotte to see some girlfriends - and who doesn't love a good baby shower?! Still working on the nursery slowly but surely. Will try to actually take some pictures of it before the baby arrives!

While we're talking about staying busy, I have to tell you about the three quickest hours of my day: 9am-12pm, also known as pre-school. Sophie goes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday for three hours, which may seem like lots of time, but I promise you, it isn't.

At least I have a routine: Tuesdays I run all of my errands, Wednesday I do laundry and clean the house, and Thursdays I try to do something relaxing (sewing, baby projects, etc.). By the time I subtract driving time to/from preschool, I'm left with 2 hours and 20 minutes. Then subtract five potty breaks (34 weeks pregnant, remember?), giving some attention to my furbabies, prepping lunch and dinner, catching up on the phone with a friend or family member, stopping to eat a snack or two (34 weeks pregnant, remember?), my other tasks are left with very little time to be completed. And just forget it if my swollen little fingers find their way to the keyboard and type in "Pinterest" before I can stop them.

Friends, I am NOT complaining, I love my mommy time and yet I miss Sophie when she's gone. It is just amazing how quickly three hours can be exhausted!!

Anyhoo, what post is complete without some photos. Have a great day, y'all!

Took pics of this adorable birthday boy!

I've been getting a little crafty... watch out!

The momma-to-be, me and Whitney.
Whitney is due three days after me!

The most unbelievable cupcakes come from the kitchen
of the grandma-to-be, Helen. (Wishing I had the leftovers right now.)

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