Thursday, October 6, 2011

New rule: family dinner

We are three weeks into successful family dinners several nights a week! I think this makes up for the time daddy has to spend on the road away from us. Our most recent successful family dinner was easy-peasy and Sophie almost cleaned her plate.

Pork chops with Kale was the basis for the meal. My changes to the recipe were marinating the pork chops in soy sauce to help tenderize (what is worse than a tough pork chop?), and I used more like half the can of tomato paste instead of just a tablespoon.

I served this with Parmesan couscous and Sophie's version was a cut-up pork chop, couscous, a handful of cherry tomatoes and kale chips (instead of the wet, tomato-y kale). I'm not sure where my kale chip recipe came from, but I've found a method that works for me:

Wash, dry, and tear kale into bite size pieces
Drizzle with EVOO
Spread out on baking sheet (I line it with aluminum foil for simple clean up)
Sprinkle with salt
Bake 250 for 25 minutes

Have you had successful, healthy family dinners that even picky eaters enjoyed? I'd love to know to add to our repertoire!


  1. I've started to make an eggplant parmesean because I keep getting eggplants in my CSA basket and I had to figure out what to do with them!! It's pinned on my bon appetit board on pinterest! If Sophie likes spaghetti, she might love this.

  2. Thanks, Meagan - not too many people give eggplant the respect it deserves :) We do like eggplant, but eggplant parm gets a little too squishy for me (and Sophie doesn't take to anything too messy). If you guys like to grill, try this one!

  3. Ha! it definitely is messy! That one sounds good, we will have to try it!

  4. Thanks for the tip =) Def going to try this out someday and now following you. Maybe youll visit me.