Monday, October 24, 2011

36 weeks (here is where we stop counting)

Something happens at 36 weeks. Realizing that bouncing baby Barber could survive just fine if he/she decided to come at any time now. When the doctor says at this point that they would no longer try to stop or stall your labor. Realizing that our days as of a family of three (plus two) are numbered less than one calendar month. When the baby clothes, swaddle sacks and blankets are washed in Dreft (why so delicious, Dreft?), folded and put away. When you stop thinking about 'tasks' and just enjoy every minute.

So what did we do this weekend? Had some fun and took some pictures. With the tiniest amount of coaching Bryan took some of my favorite pictures of this baby bump - he did such an amazing job. We didn't do a formal maternity shoot with either pregnancy, but we wanted to document this ourselves.

My two favorite little faces.

True love: bundled up, fall leaves, family time.


  1. You look beautiful pregnant! Hope you are feeling as good!

  2. Thank you Vicki!! I feel ok... I feel... pregnant. :) xoxo