Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday thoughts

Can we first talk about this picture? Braided bangs, color blocking and a tiny guitar print jumper. I felt a lot more stylish than I think I actually looked... forgetting that I ditched the strapless bra for my oh-so-matronly nursing bra after lunch and a trip to the splash pad. Let's not miss that super sexy black thumbnail that is threatening to hang around, like, forever. Add to the fact that Bryan snapped this picture while he was putting together his own Father's Day present and I am the picture of a stylish, helpful, mother of the year... yeah, not so much.

Sometimes I look at pictures of my babes sitting in my lap like this and think, that kid used to be inside of my body. Now that is crazy.

Pouring one out today for our old Black and Decker blender. It was a wedding gift and I used it to make all of Sophie's baby food, some healthy toddler and mommy smoothies and a few batches of Tucker baby food, and it finally bit the dust on Monday (that sent butternut squash sailing across my kitchen, I might add). Currently in search of the next best thing that won't break the bank.

My hair is falling out in mass quantity again. I forget this fun part of post-partum.

I made my Change Your Life Brussels Sprouts yesterday and grabbed the 400 degree pan with bare fingers.

Sophie finally said "I want you to hold me" today instead of my favorite Sophie-ism ever: "I wanna hold you." Wahhhh. Stop growing up, already.

Finally, school is out for summer and I have yet to make any sort of weekly plans for the kids because I can't stop reading these damn Hunger Games books.


  1. I love the "You used to be inside me" thought. I go there when I need some Awe.

    You always look stylish, by the way.

    "I wanna hold you" is adorable. Abraham has been saying "HA!" for "yes" and he is stopping and we are so sad. But one cute thing goes to make way for another, right?

    1. Vicki, thank you. Oh, Abraham. I can just picture that "HA" coming from his sweet face! Precious. The baby things are disappearing before our eyes making way for little girl things. Wonderful and sad.