Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Six months old

We are over the moon excited that the "weight issue" is past us, at least for now. At Tucker's six month well baby visit today, he rang in at 14lb 7oz, which is in the 4th percentile. Watch out, we're climbing the charts! This is largely due to supplementing breast milk with some formula and adding in solids at least twice a day. His palate is ever-expanding and so far includes:

Green beans
Sweet potato
Brown rice

He is sitting up for short periods of time and pushing up with strong arms when he's on his belly. He's started with "ba-ba-ba" and other short syllable sounds in just the last few days. He loves watching Sophie run around and dance and jump for him - she even helps sing him to sleep with her favorite Twinkle Stars. He's just a little love bug all around and I'm lucky to be his Mom. I love you, Buddy!

Some pictures from last weekend for your viewing pleasure.

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