Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring break 2012

Spring break 2012. Yes. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed some adult beverages and worked up a little sunburn. Isn't that was Spring Break used to be about? Instead of waking up nursing a hangover, I woke up with a little nursling in my arms; a difference I'd say was welcomed. These last few years of Spring Breaks have been the best ever with our babes in tow.

For a brief recap before I get to an insane amount of REALLY cute photographs...

Tucker slept like doo-doo in the room with me, rolled ALL the way over, like 360, for the first time (and then kept rolling and rolling to the other side of the room while mommy brushed her teeth thinking baby boy was just fine on his play mat), was scared of the baboons at the zoo that were crazy loud, protected his Super Baby status by being perfect on his first flight, and the sweetpea was Baptized on his first Easter Sunday.

Sophie ate the pavement on day 1 and had a giant boo-boo that (thankfully) quickly healed, slept like a dream as always (asked to take naps and "go to night night" because the excitement of our visit wore her flat out), enjoyed her day at the zoo, was great on the plane, and got her fill of fun, sand and wind on our somewhat short trip to the beach.

For a vacation that started with solo travel mom slamming her thumb in the car door at 6am en route to the airport, I'd say it turned out rather nice. I guess I never realized how much I need a thumb until it is throbbing and can't come in contact with anything (anything including a stroller, a toddler, a nursing infant or a carry on bag - you get the picture).

Chillin. Mackin.

My little dumpling. I think she was off to check on Tuck.

See that boo-boo on her forehead?

Yep, she was off to check on Tucker.

Sibling love.

Bath time body paints!

I do this all. the. time.

Feeding the giraffes with Yaya.

She wanted to get IN the bunny pen to figure out which one
was the actual Easter Bunny,

Hugs with sweet Harper.

Cold and windy, but she didn't seem to care!

Working with some sandcastles.

My little cutie.

Sweet friends. Only six weeks apart!

"BIG MUCH!" when asked how much mommy loves her.

Gummy smiles are my favorite!

Just love.

Tucker's baptism Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday.

Looking out for eggs.

Easter egg hunt!

"Aqua Man" and Tuck-tuck.

Roar! Tucker and Grandpa.

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