Thursday, April 19, 2012

LL Tucker J

Watch out ladies. 

It's spring and he's wearing seer sucker. And he's teething. And he's five months old. And he can roll all the way over. And he sleeps for 12 hours sometimes. And he grabs my face when I talk to him. And he finally takes a bottle (um, sometimes). And he's awesome. Ladies Love Tucker J. Five month photos taken in blue seer sucker monogrammed jumper made by his Yaya. Thanks, mom!

Loves his mommy, thats for sure!

Sweet little grin.

OK, this isn't the official five month picture,
but I love that I captured this face! He sucks on his
bottom lip sometimes and I think it's damn adorable.

The kid will roll over any chance he gets.
Case and point.


  1. Tucker, you are too cute! Five months already?!

    1. For realzies. So big! That baby in your belly has got to be, like, 13 months in there already? Come out, why dontcha? :)