Monday, April 30, 2012

Operation: fatten him up


Tucker was not really impressed, as you can tell from the above photo, with his first foods this past week. Unfortunately for him, we have to keep moving in the solid food direction. I totally forgot how frustrating exciting this time is in a baby's life. Needing a quick brush-up on baby's first foods? Find that here.

I declined the Hep B shot in the hospital when Tucker was born, and I have been putting off getting the immunization at his well visits. I only like for him to get so many vaccinations at one time. This past week I made an appointment to get caught up, and we had to weigh and measure him. I thought the scale must have been wrong when he rang in at 13lb 2.2oz. So we moved the scale away from the wall and reset it to zero and reweighed. The second time he was still only 13lb 6oz. By five months old, babies traditionally should have doubled their birth weight (which his was 7lb 13oz) and we clearly have not accomplished that goal. I'm hearing more about a new growth chart that some doctors are using for exclusively breastfed babies. On that particular chart, he's in the curve. On the traditional chart, he's fallen completely off the bottom at his current age/weight.

Jump to today and I'm ultra paranoid about my milk supply and regularly hanging out with my old friend Medela. And drinking raspberry tea. And eating lots of oats. And drinking organic Milkmaid Tea. And Medela. And water. And Medela.

Love love love this stuff.
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What a cruel cruel joke from mother nature that my baby sleeps really well at night, and when I take advantage of an almost full-night's-sleep, my milk supply decreases. It's so difficult to tell how much Tucker is getting at each nursing session, but when he eats a teaspoon of food and then still takes every drop of a bottle, it makes me worry I'm not providing enough. Insert crying emoticon.

Tucker has had a couple days of sweet potato and avocado and it gets a tiny bit better every day, though he wears more of it than he actually ingests. On top of that I'm still nursing and offering the pumped milk from the day before or defrosting some from the freezer. Fatten up, boy. I've got two weeks before our next weight check and I'm confident we can do this together!

My freezer stash that I've been SO proud of.
Time to put it to use!


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