Friday, January 6, 2012

Reasons Tucker rocks

At seven weeks (where does the time go?), all the reasons Tucker James rocks my world:

Aced his first test with a 9 on his APGAR
Eats like a champ
Eats SO good in fact that mama is back in her pre-preggo pants already!
Smiling more and more
Almost never cries
Takes all the love and kisses his sister doles out
Eyes are starting to look blue
Approaching 11lbs
Mama can eat dairy and he doesn't protest

PS: Oh, and let's not forget to add that he only nursed twice last night, which probably has something to do with my chipper mood this morning.

PSS: And the fact that we are supposed to see the sun ALL day and see a temperature in the 60's.

PSSS: Or we can chalk up this mood to the girl's wine night with my awesome Sister in Law!

The photo I took for Tucker's birth announcement.
Hello, world!


  1. You do rock Tucker! So sweet....

  2. There are a million reason I love this post (9.0 babies rock!, prepreggo jeans-wow!, sleeping so good-yay!) but mostly the fact that you can eat dairy. Love, love. I hope that it only gets even better.

  3. Kathy, "So sweet..." I'll always hear that in Sophie's voice now! Meagan, I made a pact with Tucker that if I could have milk in my coffee that I would leave out the other dairy - and he would not have gas pains. Well, I forgot my end of the deal, but he has kept his!

  4. What an awesome kid! But then he's got 2 awesome parents and a loving big sis!

    1. Yay, Mom! You got blogger to take your comments again!

  5. He's so delicious! I love his little tummy! And I'm so glad nursing is going well for you and him.