Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mad mommy love

Sometimes joy comes from the most simple things.

Tucker nursed at 7:30pm, 2:10am, and 6:15am. Hurray! That's practically sleeping through the night in my book.

Coffee and shopping with a girlfriend.

A visit with my awesome sister in law.

Bryan surprised me by bringing home lunch today from my favorite spot - which is not his favorite. True love when you're willing to sacrifice a meal for your spouse.

Sophie told Cooper (the boxer) "That's enough, Coopy!" when he was doing his crying/howling thing today. She also started looking under the table for barking spiders. Do you know my husband? Seriously. I die.

I have two babies napping upstairs in their own cribs.

And... I have spit-up in my hair. Who cares? I have make up on and hair did. And I am off to take a big fat nap.

Mad mommy love.

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