Saturday, December 31, 2011

Pink pancakes

Someone happily woke up to pink pancakes this morning.

The Sophie and Tucker household is not big on many artificial things. So how did we make them pink, you ask?

That's right, beets! Now, in full disclosure, I used a can of precooked beets. A year ago I would have purchased organic fresh beets (probably raised somewhere within 100 miles of my home) and whipped up these bad boys from scratch. But if I'm being totally honest, today I was going to pour them into some box mix of Bisquick, so what's the harm in using some canned veggies?

And for good measure, I threw in a scoop of organic ground flax seeds.

Pink Pancakes:
Bisquick (per directions)
1/4 cup of pureed beets
2 Tablespoons organic ground flax seeds

Easy as pie. Or pancakes. One vegetable serving down, four to go.

CHEESE for pink pancakes!

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