Friday, January 13, 2012


Thank Goodness It's Freaking Friday

This Friday the 13th has been peachy, thus far. (Yes, Mom, I'm about to start bragging again. May the force be with me for the rest of the day!)

Sophie is actually eating food - she's even asking for it.

Tucker is napping in his crib.

That's a win-win, folks.

We've had a mess of food battles lately. In fact, a serious toddler meltdown that ended with throw-up actually occurred on Tuesday. Yes, she pitched a fit over orange slices, cucumber and an almond butter and jelly sandwich. WTF? I can't help but take some of the blame looking back on the situation. 20/20, right? I gave her too many choices and offered to make Sophie her own meal - different from what I was going to eat. Tisk, tisk mommy.

At her two year appointment, the doctor said she wants to check her weight again in a few months since she hasn't gained anything since the fall. So now I'm obsessing over her food again since we kind of let things slide over the holidays.

We have some new winning recipes!

Spinach cake muffins (yes, cake, they are very dense). I didn't have sugar-free applesauce, so I made my own by steaming an apple and pureeing in the blender. Easy peasy.

Granola bars. My version included ground flax seed, dried organic black mission figs and chocolate chips.

Sophie's Favorite Chicken Nuggets
1 organic chicken breast, cut into bite size pieces
1 egg, whisked
1 cup panko bread crumbs
1 tablespoon garlic salt

Dip chicken bites into the egg, then dredge through the panko and garlic salt mixture. Pan fry in oil (or bake, if you must, but this kid needs the extra fat right now). Sophie LOVES them. Like, she knows when I'm making them by the smell and runs around screaming "Chicken Nuggets!" For the nugget connoisseur, these are even better than Chic Fil A (which, for the record, she has never had).

Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead!


  1. Love all your cooking!! So impressed!
    I can't believe she hasn't had Chikfila! What do ya'll do on road trips? That's always the worst for us in trying to find food for the babe.

    1. Thanks Meagan! She's only had fast food ONCE and it was sheer laziness on my part (on a Saturday when I was totally exhausted). On road trips we pack enough snacks (dried and fresh fruit, crackers, hummus) and pb&j for an army. :)