Thursday, December 15, 2011

Final doctor appointment

At the appointment that would ultimately be my last before meeting our sweet baby, we found out that baby was still breech, still really high (like, in my ribcage - which explains the insane reflux), and still had plenty of fluid. The particular physician that we saw "loves flipping babies" and thought I would be a good candidate for an external version (the doctor physically tries to turn the baby by pushing on the belly). If you don't already know, these are/can be extremely painful and risky to the unborn baby.

Good thing Bryan and I had already discussed and agreed that we did not want to try this procedure. It just seemed as if too many signs were pointing to a well-medicated Cesarean delivery. So again, I tried to roll with it (and cried a lot... and still spent lots of time in this position with fingers crossed... sorry for the crappy camera phone picture).

The next step was to sign my life away with release forms pick our baby's birthday! I was so ready to get the show on the road that we took the next available appointment in the OR the following day.

Phone calls were made, plane tickets changed, and we had the wagons circled. My besties gave me pep talks and pointers and told me all of things I didn't want to know about recovery. I don't know what I was more upset about, not being able to eat the entire next day or electively being filleted open on an operating room table. Turned out it was nothing a big fat glass of wine and a great night's sleep couldn't overcome. I set my alarm for 4am (the last time I'd be allowed to eat or drink anything) and drank 32oz of water and ate two granola bars in bed, and slept like a little baby all night.

Next up... birth day!

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