Friday, December 9, 2011

A brief hiatus (well, I had a baby)

Where do I begin? I am so afraid with each day that passes and I don't write something about our new addition that I will start forgetting all of the amazing details.

SO MUCH has happened since my last entry on November 11th. Here is our timeline and I promise to find time in the next two weeks to catch you all up on the events!

Nov 14 - chiropractor appt, date night, also my 31st birthday
Nov 15 - dr appt
Nov 16 - baby's arrival
Nov 19 - Sophie meets baby
Nov 24 - Turkey day
Nov 28 - first day on my own as a mommy of two
Dec 9 - just had the best day ever

There has been lots of laughter, smiles, snuggly naps, My Little Ponies, and far fewer tears post pregnancy this time. My mommy cup overflows. I look forward to sharing my birth story soon!

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  1. I love this little update! That last picture hurts my heart - you look radiant. xoxo