Wednesday, September 28, 2011

That's what she said

Adios summer, it's been real. Lake Michigan

There is no shortage of articles and studies in the world on parenting and how one should talk to their children. I've read that if you talk in baby-talk, the child will have a harder time getting the real word right themselves. While a higher-pitched "motherese" is more interesting and garners more attention from the babes, using proper grammar is still important.

Friends, I've sort of fallen off the wagon. Now, I'm not saying I chase Sophie around asking if she wants some "wa-wa," but there are some words that she says in baby-speak that I can't pass up repeating. Allow me to divulge some of our favorite Sophie-speak:

Hummy = hungry
Muk = milk
Manno = Maddy
Sacks = snacks
I yuh you = I love you
Fooney = smoothie
Bucklebuck = buckle up
Mo = more
Mickey hou-hou-house = Mickey Mouse
Shawt, Kissit, Maset, E-it, KK = Shawn, Kristin, Mason, Ian, Kaelin
Wha Daddy doit? = What is Daddy doing?
Poopies awwww got = Mommy, thank you for changing my dirty diaper (Poopies all gone).

And folks, that's what she said.

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