Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Enough excuses...

It's only Tuesday? Is it too soon to be looking forward to the weekend?

Other questions plaguing me this week:

Why won't a grapefruit peel the same way an orange does?

Why, when Mickey Mouse turns his head, do his ears stay in the same place?

Who invented Pinterest and where can I send a thank you card?

Can someone just go ahead and create a pregnancy-safe Red Bull?

I have SO much to do and not near enough energy to do it. I keep thinking that once I get into a routine that balances raising a child, feeding a family, taking care of our Boxers, making a house a home, decorating a nursery, growing a human etc. that I'll be able to resurface as "Amy." But... then I remember that 10 weeks from today I'll have a newborn and then my world will be a little upside down again for a while. So, my real question is: Did "Amy" go into hiding when we started the moving process and she'll reappear once baby number two is sleeping through the night? Hardly seems fair to me or the people around me...

This is the point in my writing where one might expect a pledge to blog more, or put less pressure on myself as a wife/mom, but I won't make promises I can't keep. We have some projects to work on for the nursery, so you can definitely look forward to an update on those soon! I've been cooking more and (finally) have a working dishwasher, so a few new recipes have been realized. And I just might have the sweetest and smartest toddler on the planet; I really should write more about.

Anyhoo, just wanted to tell you that we're still alive, just busy getting to know our new surroundings!


  1. Amy, you are a wonderful mother and wife. You have so much on your plate right now!
    Our move to Myrtle shook me more than I realized. I think we (as mothers) thrive too on routines and consistency. And it takes a while to find it (it took us over 2 months!). Wishing I was nearby to pop in and lend a helping hand. Thinking of you and your sweet little ones.

  2. Amy, I so feel you. But we are in there somewhere. For me, if I take an hour to practice yoga or meet up with a friend (without Abraham! even though I miss him!) to talk about theatre, I feel a little bit like Vicki again. For a little while.
    How is your new home?

  3. Thanks, guys. I guess I have to find the new me instead of thinking I get to go back to old me? Meagan, I wish you were closer, too. We had a great day yesterday, and I'm feeling back on my game *a little*. Painted the nursery and Sophie was my little dreamsicle baby girl.

    V - thank you! Our home is awesome! There will always be projects, but it's SO nice to own again! xo