Sunday, September 25, 2011

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Fall is here, or at least more palatable temperatures, the scent of bonfires and the turning of some leaves (in our backyard the leaves are simply falling. And falling. And 13 bags have been raked and discarded already). This momma has been feeling a bit renewed with the changes in the weather! The last two weeks have been very productive - after I gave myself a little kick in the pants and a pep talk. I tackled (with the help of hubs) painting a dresser for the baby room, a few little crafty projects (oh, Pinterest, why so addicting?), and get this - we had two, count 'em, two, family dinners: this and this.

I've been wanting to write more, but haven't made the time. I've been wanting to revamp the look of the blog and rename it, but am having a hard time narrowing it down... Here are a few thoughts:

Addicted to Pinterest
And Baby Makes Four
My Poor Dogs Never Get Love
Sophie is Hilarious
Crafty Crafty Me
I Have The Best Family
I Love To Cook
All The Reasons MBD Rocks (My Baby Daddy)
I Love Preschool

At least that sums up life in the Barber household as of late.

And the following photos should sum up our fun-filled weekend. Sophie's school hosted their annual Fall Festival and fun was had by all.

The two loves of my life.

OK, cut me and the slow-moving pony handler out of the picture,
one would think Sophie was trotting at break-neck speed.
She kills me. And she LOVED riding Twix, the pony.

Bryan literally had to go in and pull Sophie out
of the bounce house. Doesn't she look graceful?

To minimize the trauma of being pulled from the bounce house,
she got to ride her second horse.
Could she be any happier about her condolence prize?

Sophie LOVES to practice her animal sounds.
Here she is on a bail of hay giving the Lion "Roar!"
complete with hand gestures.
Other animals she's mastered: elephant, kitty cat, doggy, froggy, monkey,
horsey and cow.

Warning: If this can happen to me, it can happen to anyone.
Preschool art has eaten my refrigerator.

Did I mention I was getting crafty?
Here is a sneak peak at the nursery color scheme,
and my latest project that is almost done.

Hope you and your family had a awesome Fall weekend. xo

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