Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekday school!

Ode to proud parents and Facebook posting: I am one of you. I appreciate your photos. I appreciate reading your proud moments and your victories, and I am so glad you appreciate reading mine (or, you wouldn't be here reading, right?).

I am loving everyone's first day of school pictures! Not to be left out, I got a quick blackberry picture of Sophie before we left for her first day of weekday school. She really has been this excited both mornings so far. I hardly slept the night before her first day (due in part to an enormous dinner from Jeff Ruby's that did not want to digest) so I was just as exhausted as she was later in the day. At the end of day two today I think she's already working on a little cold. Guess I really need to get on the horn and find this baby girl a pediatrician!

What she's eating: I have expressed my love for quesadillas on several occasions. Sophie has a new favorite - she gobbled up organic chicken, cheese, blackbeans and the smallest bit of bacon in a quesadilla last week! I've also experimented with empanadas as of late (using different doughs and different fillings - mostly southwest style with corn, salsa, beans, and organic beef or chicken) and Sophie hasn't turned her nose up at any of them!

Mommy's sweet tooth has taken over the kitchen on an occasion or two lately. Homemade doughnuts and the latest cover of Southern Living: Apple Cream Cheese Bundt Cake (believe me, I do not bake). This cake is freakin amazing. Perhaps I'm a little biased because the Gala apples we used were actually hand picked on a farm outing by this fine specimen:

I'm really quite obsessed with this picture right now: mouth full of apple, sweaty little curls, big 'ol belly, marching off to some adventure... pretty much sums up my little peanut at 20 months.

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