Sunday, June 24, 2012

What to do

 What to do when one the very best people in the world come to visit for the weekend:

You jump for joy.

You squeeze and kiss on smiling babies.

You stop to roll around in the grass.
You invite others to come over and roll around in the grass.
You might take off all your clothes.

You might get super awesome toys.

You smile, like, all day.

You soak up the sun.

You get close to ones you love.

You look pretty and laugh a lot.

You enjoy a frosty beverage with a handsome man.

And laugh some more.

And give big hugs.

And then you might tear up when you kiss babies goodbye and you wave at the airport... but you most definitely look forward to meeting again.


  1. Which might be sooner than you think if Heidi can't fly out tonight! Glad y'all had a great visit!

    1. Fortunately and unfortunately she was able to fly home!