Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Vitamin D drops

Forgive me, as I totally meant to write about this months ago when it was really on my mind! Some pediatricians advocate giving exclusively breastfed babies Vitamin D supplements. There is existing research that Vitamin D is the only thing missing from breastmilk. 

So... if you're sort of crunchy granola, really into breastfeeding, planning on making baby food, using some organic baby toys/clothes/accessories... If you like the idea of keeping chemical and unnecessary additives out of your growing baby... then you are kind of like me and you might care about this:

Also: smells, is brown, and stains.

If the ingredients alone aren't enough to make you skip over Enfamil for Carlson for Kids, then consider the price tag. On 50mL of D-Vi-Sol is $9.99 (that is 50 servings of the recommended daily dose). Carlson for Kids Vitamin D drops are $15.99 for 10mL (which is 365 servings of the recommended daily dose - an entire year's worth - AND the serving size is only one drop which is a LOT easier to get into an infant than an entire 1ml dropper).

Carlson for Kids: Winning.

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  1. Great tip, Amy! The more I read about Vitamin D the more I feel it's so beneficial for all of us, even babies!! We use the Biotics Research Vitamin D drops and love them.
    Thank you for sharing about this supplement! Such a good mommy. :)