Sunday, June 10, 2012

I love my cousins

We had a big fat weekend, friends. Bryan retrieved our bikes from the shop which are now tuned up and ready to ride. He put together our Burley Bee bike trailer that we got for Christmas from my parents now that Tucker is almost big enough/strong enough to ride. Saturday we picked up some cupcakes from Copper Cupcake. Much to Sophie's delight, the special of the day was a Strawberry Cupcake. Coincidentally her favorite tv show is "Strawberry Shortcake," which she sweetly refers to as "Strawberry Cupcake." She giggled with delight... then only ate the frosting (I'll let you guess who finished the rest).

Sophie had a cousin-filled weekend. As she was coming off her sugar high last night, drifting to sleep she said, "I love my cousins."

Mister is getting better at this sitting stuff.

Sister is never far.

Sophie wore this all afternoon until she demanded we take
her clothes off for swimming in the baby pool.

The girls, Lila, Ruby, Kenzie and Sophie were so sweet to baby Tucker.

Big boy McClain.

Sophie adores Preston.
She says "Preston likes to play basketball and give me hugs."

Overexposed, granted, but that smile! Melt.

You grab mine, I'll grab yours!

Big girl Kaelin.


She is so brave. Love.

Hannah is such a cheeser, I love taking her pictures!

Monkey-ing around.

The girls just love some Tucker!

Thought this was a "seedless" watermelon? Thought wrong.

Hula girl. With watermelon.
Our new ride.


  1. Sweet babies! I'm loving her romper. Adorable!

    1. Love it, right?! You'll be seeing that a lot this summer. I'm afraid we're near the end of the appropriate-ness for "bubbles." Smocked Auctions purchase last year... I love buying things for the following season/summer! Great way to get a deal on end of season stuff!

    2. dude, let her rock that bubble. it's just amazing. discovering the smocked stores on Facebook has been quite dangerous for me. I've had to remind myself many times that she already has a full closet. Their stuff is too cute! (and now that I see Soph in that romper, well, I'm gonna have to get one for IJ)