Friday, February 24, 2012

Happy 100 days

Baby boy Tucker is 100 days old today! Our good friend Jin told us about this Korean tradition almost a year ago when we were beaching it up on the shores of Maui.

Also when I used to look like this:

But enough about me.

This Korean tradition celebrates a baby's first 100 days post-birth as a child is technically a year old at this point (if you are a subscriber to life beginning at conception). Many babies did not survive more than a month or two before the age of co-pays, well visits and immunizations. Traditional Korean families do not take their babies out of the house or have visitors until they reach 100 days, and a big party for friends and family usually ensues; they treat it like a first birthday.

The belief also stands that babies kind of turn a corner at 100 days in terms of starting to sleep really well at nap time and night time and interaction during wakefulness is longer with lots and lots of smiles. Well friends, I am a believer.

Tucker went to bed at 8:00pm on the eve of his 100th day and I had to wake him to nurse at 4:30am (preferable for me over getting up to pump). He woke at 7:15am as he does every day (is there an alarm clock in that crib??), was back down at 8:45am with approximately 2 minutes of self-soothing action and slept for 2.5 hours! He was up at 11:15am and even though I attempted to break records zooming through the grocery store, he was back asleep where he remains this very second in his car seat before I could get the car in the garage.

He cries very little, is self-soothing regularly, sucks his thumb, smiles a lot, makes sounds that we call "talking" when looking at us, watches his big sister like a hawk and even notices and tracks the dogs walking by. The "talking" thing is funny because he only does it at night after Sophie has gone to bed - as if she fills up the airwaves and he can't get a word in when she's around.

I think my pictures of the boy from a previous post are more appropriate here, so you get to see them again :) Happy 100 days, my dear boy. You were created one whole year ago. That just blows my mind. Love love love love you with all my heart! While we may not be having a big 100 day birthday party, I'm sure your dad and I will be enjoying a new recipe from Pinterest and maybe a toast with a bottle glass of wine.


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    1. Thanks, Meagan! Last week I would have done anything to get a "break." Today he just wants to sleep and I would do anything to snuggle him!!