Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Preggo, round two

Well, we're adding a new character to the blog. Affectionately known around here as jellybean, peanut, beh-beh... the usual list goes on but nothing has stuck yet. We've been telling Sophie that there is a baby in Mommy's belly, and her new favorite thing to do is to lift Mommy's shirt for a closer look... in public... like, at Target. Awesome.

I've heard that no two babies are alike, no two birth stories are alike, no two pregnancies are alike. I buy it. I've been beyond tired to the point where I have to partake in two to three hour naps with Sophie after lunch or I can't make it through dinner time. This means that a lot of my good intentions have taken a temporary backseat: my culinary explorations have slowed dramatically, my 30 in 30 book project has all but ended and I haven't made a coffee bag pillow in months.

Other than the tiredness, I've had some major food aversions (which now at 15 weeks are finally starting to subside). The thought of eating meat for the last six weeks has been simply stomach churning, and forget my favorite crockpot - if I have to smell something cooking for eight hours then don't even think this Mommy is going to eat it. Ugh.

On pregnancy, round two, I also think the doctor has told me different things. This time around they are saying NO tuna (before I think it was once a week), ONE caffeinated beverage per day (before I think it was two-three), and NO lunch meat (before I think it was use your judgement).

And finally, it is safe to say that everything is happening faster this time. From what I understand, my abdomen is already wrecked - I mean stretched - I mean warmed up - so at 15 weeks, I look more like 18/19 weeks! Who knew.

What's a post without some photos. Enjoy.

At 14 weeks in Chicago!

We got fussed at for taking a picture in front of a temporary exhibit. Whoopsy-daisy.
The picture I wanted was in front of a Pollock painting. Oh well!

My little love bug at a recent playgroup.

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