Sunday, June 12, 2011

Favorite things: pregnancy edition

OK, so a few little things I couldn't get through this pregnancy without...

A LOT of sleep
A very endearing, empathetic and patient husband
A good pillow
Good cheese (currently brie, swiss, american, cheddar, white cheddar) and fruit (currently oranges, strawberries, frozen mixed berries, pineapple, cantaloupe) in the house at all times
A monthly pedicure
My Nalgene bottle (number 2 plastic)

I got a good tip from my friend Meagan about finding a prenatal vitamin that is free of dyes, preservatives, dairy, gluten, and soy (HINT: the one that your doctor prescribes most likely has ALL of these things), because if we are being honest, there are already far to many of these unnecessary additives in our diet. I wanted to source one locally so that I didn't have to pay someone to ship it across the country to me. Trader Joe's Daily Prenatal is the only one I found that fit the bill!

TJ's prenatal does not have DHA Omega-3 supplement, so I was off on a hunt for that one, too. I actually found one at Target that is made with Algal Oil - a plant based DHA which is great for vegetarians but also those of us who just want to avoid possible exposure to mercury or other ocean-born contaminants from the traditional DHA that is mined from fish that are farm raised and spend their days swimming in their own poop.

For my own brain (DHA is for the baby), I stick to ONE single book: Your Pregnancy Week by Week. If I come up with any questions that aren't found here, I call my doctor. Too many books have too many conflicting facts/opinions and it is really easy to confuse an already worried expectant mother (maybe just my experience!).

So, that is what I do for my insides. For the outsides, I love love love Body Shop's Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Stick. I know that stretch marks are said to be genetic, but I used this twice a day while pregnant with Sophie and don't have a hint of a stretch mark. Genetics or a great product... I'm using it again!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! Here's to growing another happy, healthy and beautiful Barber baby!